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Furrever Name: Arthur
Male (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched
Severin X Shanel – 02.02.2022 (Twosday)
Las Vegas, NV USA

Arthur holds a dear and cherished place in our hearts as he was the first male kitten to be born in our cattery. We were thrilled to find him a loving home with an excellent doctor who cares for him and his furry siblings. Even though we don’t receive frequent updates, we remain confident that Arthur is content and well-cared for. Our fond memories of sweet little Artie will always hold a special place in our hearts.

More information on Arthur coming soon…

Furrever Name: Arthur
Birthdate: 02.02.2022 (Twosday)
Sex: Male
Classification: (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched ​
Father: Severin
Mother: Shanel
Littermates: Laika, Malak, Fiona, Alice

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