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Furrever Name: Fiona
Female (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched
Severin X Shanel – 02.02.2022 (Twosday)
Dillon Beach, CA USA

More information on Fiona coming soon…

Fifi is the very first girl born in our Cattery. She lives near the ocean in California with the best views and best weather. She is a confident kitten that is fearless! She is just as obsessed with her pawrent as her pawrent is obsessed with her.

Furrever Name: Fiona
Birthdate: 02.02.2022 (Twosday)
Sex: Female
Classification: (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched ​
Father: Severin
Mother: Shanel
Littermates: Laika, Malak, Arthur, Alice

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