Black Diamond Kennel

Severin (Sire)
Male (NS) – Black Smoke
CH., CH. (WCF) Vidzhey X Grand Fantasy Penelope – 12.24.2021 (Christmas Eve)

Meet Severin, our magnificent Black Smoke King. He may come off as shy and reserved at first, but once you get to know him, you’ll be delighted to discover how playful and affectionate he truly is. Throughout the day, you might catch him slow blinking at you, his special way of showing love. Don’t be fooled by his demeanor, as he loves to be cuddled and talked to. In fact, there’s no cat who enjoys a good conversation more than our sweet Severin.

More information on Severin coming soon…

Cattery Name: Severin
Ancestral Name: RU* Severin
Birthdate: 12.24.2021 (Christmas Eve)
Sex: Male
Classification: (NS) – Black Smoke
Father: CH., CH. (WCF) Vidzhey
Mother: Grand Fantasy Penelope
Litters: The “Hidden Halo” Litter, The “Blue Moon” Litter, The “Idol’s Eye” Litter, The ” Spooky” Litter, The “Padawan” Litter

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