Black Diamond Kennel

Shanel (Retired)
Female (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched​

Shanel, our beloved queen cat, was a wonderful mother who mothered two amazing litters of kittens – the “Blue Moon” litter and the “Hidden Halo” litter. Her gentle and curious nature was passed down to all of her kittens, making them just as delightful as their mother. As much as we loved Shanel, we knew it was time for her to retire from breeding. We searched for the perfect retirement home for her, and we were thrilled to find it for her. She now lives happily with Loki, one of our kittens, and our other retired queen cat, Meyu. Finding a family that would love Shanel as much as we did was very important to us, and we were fortunate enough to find just that. They have taken excellent care of our sweet princess Shanel, and we are grateful to them for it. Even though we are happy that Shanel is enjoying her retirement, we miss her every day. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.

More information on Shanel coming soon…

Cattery Name: Shanel
Birthdate: 10.31.2021
Sex: Female
Classification: (NS 22) – Black Silver Tabby Blotched​
Litters:  The “Hidden Halo” Litter, The “Blue Moon” Litter

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