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Our Maine Coons are highly socialized to various stimuli, including loud noises, guest interactions, dogs of all sizes, and the presence of children. To ensure their comfort and adaptability, we handle the kittens frequently, acclimating them to being held and approached by both you and your children. Additionally, we may take them on walks to further socialize and desensitize them prior to their departure to your home. This process requires you to be particularly attentive to your kitten upon their arrival home, as they acclimate to their new surroundings. As your kitten grows, you will witness the fullness of their personality, including their doglike nature, which is a hallmark of the Maine Coon breed. These remarkable animals form strong bonds with their owners, and you will undoubtedly experience this firsthand.

The “Spooky” Litter of Black Smoke Maine Coons [MCO NS] from our magnificent Queen Sol and King Severin.


Have you had the chance to view our YouTube channel? If you are interested in a more comprehensive understanding of our cattery, we highly recommend viewing these episodes. Please visit our YouTube channel to access the videos. If you find the content engaging, we kindly request that you subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date with our latest posts.

We would also like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Minion’s Dad for generously gifting us with a top-quality video camera. This equipment has significantly improved the quality of our videos and enabled us to capture the beauty of our beloved MCO in greater detail.






The Kennel Club by bdk was instituted with the objective of providing valuable products for our customers and their furry companions. We aspire to enrich our product line with more offerings and welcome suggestions from our supporters regarding their preferences. We take pride in crafting most of our merchandise by hand, and we remain committed to ensuring high-quality standards in all our products. Additionally, our VIP members can avail themselves of our exclusive and custom-made clothing and merchandise.

Black Diamond Kennel aims to extend the same joy and love that we have experienced with our Maine Coons to other homes. We embarked on a journey to become Maine Coon breeders, and it has been a humbling and fulfilling experience. We take pride in sharing our cats with the world while prioritizing their health and longevity. 

All our merch is designed and handcrafted by us. 


Black Diamond provides a pre-reservation option (PR) for prospective furrever homes from our cattery. Establishing a strong relationship with potential furrever homes is a crucial element of our mission. The PR option allows us to gather information about your preferences and needs in order to match you with the perfect kitten for your home. Our process is straightforward and uncomplicated. After submitting a kitten application via our website, we will be in touch within 24-48 hours. If we determine your preferences align with our program, we will send you our Kitten Application. You may then finalize your pre-reservation fee, securing a place on our VIP list for future planned litters. You will receive exclusive updates on the litter’s progress, including ultrasounds, birth updates, belly pictures, photos of newborn kittens, and growth and development updates. Once the kittens develop enough for us to determine their coloring and features, you can confidently choose your perfect kitten. While there may be uncertain situations that may arise, such as a premature litter or a queen not successfully mating, rest assured that your pre-reservation fee applies to any kitten and litter of your choice. Your reservation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE but will contribute to the expenses of caring for the queens and kittens, including check-ups, ultrasounds, testing, and vaccines. All payments made contribute towards any kittens available from our program. We strive to create lifelong connections with our Forever Homes, and always encourage our furrever homes to reach out to us for any questions or updates.

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